Job Interview Tips

College students and everybody looking for a job, needs to have a leg up on the competition when applying for a job. The job interview is a critical component of the job process. Here are a few tips when going in to a job interview.

Dress appropriately. Do not be provocative. You cannot overdress. High heels should be avoided. Dress modestly. First impressions in a job interview matter quite a bit.

Don't take your cell phone or other electronic devices. If they go off during the interview, you may be sunk. Better to leave them outside.

Don't use catchy phrases, especially, "This is my dream job." According to human resource experts, that is a job interview killer.

Your resume needs to stand out. If they have no reason to look at your resume, they will in fact, not look at it. It needs to stand out. Come up with a good cover sentence or introduction.

Have you had an internship? This is one major reason to look at you as a job applicant! If you have had no internships, get one!

Avoid heavy perfume and cologne. Don't stink up your job interview.

Applying online is the most effective way to go at the moment.

Talk professional. Leave the friends and street slang at home.

If you have been fired, or quit due to a bad circumstance, turn it around to seem like a positive, great experience. Do not make it sound like you were fired or quit under horrible circumstances. You may have to sugar-coat it a little. Nothing wrong with that! If you make your last job seem like you left under great conditions, there will be less reason to look into it.

Listen, then speak. Speak only what is needed. Do not let the job interview be nothing but your mouth running non-stop.

If you see a job posting, you should wait a day or two before applying. Job hunting experts say they look at the last submitted applications first!

Watch what you do online with twitter, myspace, facebook, etc. You will be searched. Your postings will be looked at. Do not do anything that will embarrass you. In this internet age, you will kill your job chances by looking goofy or stupid. You need to watch your friends as well.

If you can avoid common mistakes that job applicants make during interviews, you will increase your hiring odds.

College students will probably go to many job interviews when looking for a job. You should know what to expect and how to approach it. Sometimes the difference in how the job interview goes can be the job getter. If you blow the job interview, of course you have no chance! Below are some tips for job interviews.

How to Ace a Job Interview

Before you get to the interview, do your homework. Know what the company is and does. Also, be ready to answer questions on anything about you. Be ready to answer general questions about the company, and be prepared to give some examples of why you are ready and able to do the job.

Don't bore the interviewer. They probably do not want to hear your life story. They are looking for quick and short answers to the question asked.

You can never overdress for a job interview. Your appearance makes the first impression at a job interview. What impression to yoou want to give?

You need to make known that you want this job. It may sound strange, but simply stating somewhere in the interview, "I really want this job," is a very good job interview tip. Show some spirit and enthusiasm! You are trying to impress the interviewer.

After the interview, you need to contact the interviewer. Send an email, letter, preferrably thanking them for their time. You can even add a short note on how you thought the interview went well, that you are still very interested, and even add things you forgot.

If you can't decide on either emailing or sending a letter, type up a letter, put it in an envelope, and bring it back to the office to have it personally given by the office staff.

Remember, when approaching a job interview you need to be prepared, dressed well, and ready to show some enthusiasm! You are selling yourself. Don't sell yourself short.

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