Easy Ways to Save Money in College


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College Students always need money. Are You a Broke College Student? Try These College Cash Tips:

Bring your lunch to school. College campuses are full of places to eat. And they all cost more money than brown-bagging it. You can save $10-$20 a day.

Do a whole load of washing.
Even if you do not have to pay, the cost of soap adds up.

Stop smoking.

The cost of cigarettes today is a cost that college students just do not need. A pack a day can cost $5. That's $150 a month.

Go to local budget movie theaters.

College students like movies, but at up to $10 a ticket, it gets expensive. Avoid the snack bar. The prices are outrageous. Sneak a snack in if you can.

Do you pay for your electricity?

Unplug anything and everything that is electronic if you don't need it. College students like DVD players, stereos, TVs, etc, but they can use up to 100 watts while off, but still plugged in. Over time, this can add substantially to your electric bill.

Your cell phone is expensive

College students cannot live without their cell phones. But you should use it less.

Stop buying water in bottles.

If you are a college student who loves to have a water bottle handy, buy a refillable bottle. At up to $1 for each bottled water, you can save at least $1-$2 a day.

Find a local dentistry school and ask if they do dental work for free.

Many times a year they do teeth cleaning, checkups, or other type of dental service for free. College students want good teeth, right? Just do it on the cheap!

Do your own hair or get it cheap.

College students should ditch the salon in favor of the cheaper hair cutting places. You can color your own hair. If you dare, get other college students to cut and do your hair free. Forget the big brand name shampoos. Experts say the cheap ones are just as good. This can save college students up to $4 a bottle.

Forget the tanning booth.

You don't really need that tanned look as a college student. At $20-$35 a session, you can pocket that money instead.

The ATM fees can kill your budget. Only use ATMs from your own bank to save the fees. Or better still, get cash out at your bank before you need it. A good tip for college students and ATMs, is not using an ATM but stores like Wal-Mart. If you are buying something, you can get cash with your debit card. The fee is usually 25 cents. 25 cents is a lot cheaper than the normal $2-$3 fees that college students pay.

Buy your clothes at thrift stores.

You do not need the latest fashions. After completing college and getting a good job, splurge!

Are you a normal college student and gets the urge to snack during the day?

The snacks you buy on campus are expensive in relation to the amount you get. Many times, college students can buy a huge bag of potato chips at a grocery store for what a small bag of snacks costs. Buy the big bags of snacks, then put them in little plastic sandwich bags and take to school with you. This can save the average college student up to $5 a day.

Sell your books.

This is a no-brainer for college students. But selling them online will get you more cash than the college bookstore.

Sell your unwanted cell phone or electronic equipment.

College students seem to want the latest craze. Your old ipods and other such devices can be sold on many websites.

Food shopping in college.

Buy store brands, clip coupons, and get the store's membership card for all discounts. These are free. College students can really go wild on food, so watch out. Eat cheap.

Carry your college student ID card.

Many local stores and businesses will give a discount with a student ID card. If you are a college student, this is one quick way to keep cash in your pocket. If you don't see any sign, ask! Many college and student discounts are not posted. Many name brands also offer discounts to students-like Apple Computer.

Tutor other college students.

If you are good in a subject, or have taken a tough class and passed, help your fellow students pass! Put up flyers around the campus. You can also contact local tutoring agencies and see if they need tutors for school-age children. You can make at least $10 for 1 hour, even more. Some college students with money will gladly pay!

Sell unwanted items on ebay.

Many college students set up an account on ebay and sell. It is very easy. You do need a way to upload photos of your items.

Get an job off campus.

As a college student, you need to be flexible, so work for a flexible employer. Places that serve food and drinks have very flexible hours. In fact, waiters and waitresses are almost the perfect position to have. Most do not need experience. Many of them need someone to work 1 to 2 nights a week.

Work for your college or university.

Your college is huge. It needs a lot of employees to run everything from the college bookstore, to student food services, to office personnel. Find out what your college or university hires students for.

Do you know a fellow college student with a house or apartment with a front yard?

Can you use it for a garage sale? Clean out your closets and see what you can sell.

Be a babysitter.

As a modern college student, you may think it as old-fashioned, but many people still need them. And good ones are hard to find. As a college student, it is the perfect job. You can study, eat, and watch TV and get paid for it.

Be a house sitter.

For college students, this is a plum job. Put an ad in local papers or find a local agency. Ask your relatives if they know of any who needs this service.

Buy used books, CDs, DVDs, etc.

Many colleges have used record stores nearby. College students can save quite a bit of money on music, games, and movies by buying used. You can also sell your unwanted items to many of these same stores.

Buy used books or read them at the local or college library.

You don't need to be wasting valuable college money on things you really only read once.

Buy out of season.

As a college student, clothes are on your mind. If you know you will need a winter coat, buy it in the summer.

Don't join the local health club.

Included in your college fees may be free use of the gym facilities at your college. If not, the wise college student will find out what the on-campus gym costs. Normally just a couple dollars a month or the term.

Don't pay to park.

If you live off campus, try and live close so you can walk or ride a bike. If you must drive, scope out the surrounding areas before school starts. College students can save upwards of $35 per month by parking free somewhere off campus. But you need to watch this. Many local neighborhoods will have a "local only" parking rule to avoid student parkers. Another tip is to pay by the day. If you are on campus 3 days a week, it may be cheaper to buy a pass each day, rather than buy a monthly pass.

Make your own coffee.

College students who even spend just $4 a day on coffee, spend up to $120 a month. That a lot of cash. A coffee pot and a year's supply of coffee can be bought for that $120.

Sell your blood plasma.

Okay, for some college students this is kind of creepy. But you do get paid. There are numerous places to sell it. Look in your phonebook. You can make up to $50 each time. You can do this multiple times a month if you can handle it.

Be rock solid in your college budget.

As a college student, little things can add up in a hurry. You might be surprised just what you actually spend money on when you start looking closely. An extra $2 here, $5 there can shoot your college budget. Bottom line, be stingy.

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