How to Control College Spending

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You must fight the urge to impulse buy. You might find it fun and exciting when finding a bargain. This could lead to impulse buying. If this happens to you, stop and think. Think long-term. Do you really need this item? What are the financial consequences of buying it?

Too often young college students find they cannot resist buying something, only to regret it later. That is, they don't really need or like the item. College students should have a waiting period for buying things. Why not wait one day and see if you still just have to have it? College students that resist the temptation of buying can see the money savings immediately

College students are moody. It comes with the stress of studying and being on your own for maybe the first time. You will have ups and downs. Never let your feelings send you on a shopping spree.

Shopping to lift your mood is a very bad idea that has consequences for any college student's budget. Find other activities on campus that are free. Find friends to hang out with that won't entice you to go shopping.

Related to the previous warning is shopping as a hobby. No college student should ever develop the hobby of shopping for recreation. Many people do develop just such a habit. Again, fight the urge to just shop. However, there is nothing keeping you from window shopping or browsing. This can be as fun as shopping. There are so many other recreational activities on college campuses to keep you busy. Plus, there's a little thing called, "studying."

The friends you choose to hang out with in college will have a dramatic effect on how you spend money. Choose your dorm mate and friends wisely.

College students should really only shop for items they need. Only shop when you have a particular item in mind, and remember to buy only that!

Many credit card companies offer easy credit to college students. Getting a credit card can be a good thing for building credit. But the problem with using credit cards when shopping is that you do not see the immediate effect on your financial situation. Not having to pay fully for something, or even waiting to pay anything, is very enticing. Be sure to pay your balance each month. Know what fees the credit card company charges as well. College students should use credit cards for emergencies, not just to go shopping.

Above all, you are the one who must take stock of your financial situation. You can easily lose control of spending in college. Your parents are not there. Nobody is there to decide for you except yourself. Know how much money you have. Stick to a budget. Track your purchases and spending. Your expenses and buy should fit with your financial situation. There is no shame in asking for help from a relative or friend that is trustworthy. Coming out of college in good financial shape should be a goal right along with a degree.

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