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5 Jobs Students can get Now!

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Okay, so you are a broke college student. Don't just sit there! Go earn some money for those lazy college days. Most college students think they need to get a real job. But did you know with a little ingenuity on your part, you could be earning money for those broke college days?

The jobs listed below are perfect for college students. They require no experience. The only thing between you and a job in college is a little foot work.

Dog Walker. No experience needed. Perfect for a college student to get a few bucks. Just like animals. You can put an ad in the local paper, place fliers at nearby apartment buildings, go door to door, etc.

Use Your Hobby or Special Skill Every college student is probably an expert in something. Put your skill to good use and earn cash for college. Every local community center has classes in dance, computers, karate, fitness, sports, and more. What are you an expert in? Contact them about teaching a class.

Tutoring Service Many college students are called upon to tutor. SImple way to earn some cash. Are you good at math? Writing term papers? Chemistry? Your fellow college students can use your help! You can put an ad in the college paper, or even the local paper to tutoring school-age kids. Your college campus learning center may be hiring!

Baby Sitter Man is this one of the best gigs to get if you are a college student. Again, put up fliers, ask around, post in the newspaper.

Handy Person Are you good at fixing things? Doing odd jobs? Even fixing or tweaking computers? Painting? No, you do not have to be a contractor, just do what you are capable of. Many people hire college students to help them move, paint, unload and load boxes, yard clean up, just about anything!

So, broke college students, are you up for the task? You may have to spend a couple dollars for advertising, but just one job will pay yourself back!

If you don't find what you are looking for here, you can do a search for more college money help on the web right from here.

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