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It may seem like a no-brainer, but be sure you fill out your FAFSA early, completely, and accurately. Find out if your college or university requires a Financial Aid Profile.

Be as accurate as you can about you and your family's finances. Remember, they are looking at last years finances.

If your family finance situation has changed, you can file an appeal to reflect any new information. Check with your college's financial aid office for more on how to appeal.

Contact your financial aid office and explain to them, in writing, why you deserve more financial aid. Ask them to personally go over your financial aid papers.

Be fully prepared to provide complete documentation as to why your financial situation requires more aid. You need wage statements, like w-2s, medical bills, and other expenses that warrant another look.

Be sure and fill out any and all financial aid appeal forms your college requires.

You cannot lie to get more financial aid. If you are caught, you probably will lose what financial aid you already have been awarded, and be in trouble with the law.

Be strong in your desire to appeal and get more financial aid. It is a process that can be time consuming and nerve wracking.

For an appeal, your financial situation needs to be explained not only in income, but in any undue bills and financial hardships. That's what will get a second look and perhaps more aid.

Do this as soon as possible! Financial aid at schools is not a never ending supply. They may run out of money.

If you don't find what you are looking for here, you can do a search for more college money help on the web right from here.

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