Car Insurance and College Students

If you must drive, would you like to get a cheaper car insurance rate while in college? Going to college costs money, and money is scarce for most college students. If you must drive a car, be sure and take as many car insurance discounts you can

The location of your college or residence has quite a lot to do with your car insurance rate. Some areas are high risk, that is high crime, so car insurance rates are more.

If you live on campus, the best you can hope for is that your college is in a low crime area. If you live off campus, see if you can live in a different zip code that might be cheaper.

Showing your mileage is low per year can give you a discount. Prove you only drive to school a short way to and from.

Don't get tickets or other moving violations, especially drunk driving arrests. Some tickets you can get wiped out by traffic school. If a ticket stays on your record, it will adversely affect your car insurance rate.

If you have other types of insurance, like renters insurance, see if you can add your car insurance on that policy. Sometimes combining policies gives discount on all.

Don't get just one car insurance quote. Shopping around, especially online can save you money.

If you own your car outright, you can skip the comprehensive coverage. This will mean only liability which is much cheaper. Keep in mind, however, this means you pay for all car damage.

Raising your deductible on comprehensive can get you a cheaper rate as well. Ask for as high a deductible as your car insurance company offers.

The older your car, the cheaper it is to insure in most cases.

The cheapest way for a college student to get car insurance is to stay at home, and remain on your parent's policy. Or at least remain on the policy.

Most car insurance companies offer a discount for good grades. A little bit here and there helps the bottom line. Make your parents happy and get a car insurance discount at the same time. Get good grades!

Keep this in mind as well: Graduating college can make you a lower risk to insurance companies. Instant discount on graduating!

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