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With college getting more expensive, college students need to look for unique ways of raising cash for college.

Tap into your relatives for money for college
Grandparents are a good bet to hit up for cash. But they won't know you are looking for college money unless you ask!

Don't forget aunts and uncles. Remember how they helped you with little silly fund raising school projects? You are a better fund raising prospect!

New tax deductions put more cash back in your pocket
The deduction for college expenses has increased. Make sure mom and dad know this if they claim you. If you claim yourself, take it as well!

Colleges are giving bigger awards
The federal government is giving larger Pell Grants. Many private schools are actually increasing their financial aid packages. This is in spite of state schools making budget cuts. Sometimes a private college means lower out of pocket expenses.

City and Community Colleges are a bargain
If you go full time to a community college, and get financial aid. You will leave yourself with money in the bank. The cost of a community college is far less.

Federal Loans are bigger and easier to repay.
Federal Student loans have increased. A freshman can now borrow up to $5,500.

Contact your college or university. They also have college savings 529 plans where they may contribute money or give a discount on tuition. Many of these colleges will let you lock in a tuition rate. For example, if one year tuition costs $15,000 now, it may be $20,000 in ten years. These programs allow you to lock in that cheaper rate now for a student going to college in a few years.

Ask your friends and relatives for money! You can do this quite easily using websites like

If you don't find what you are looking for here, you can do a search for more college money help on the web right from here.

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