Quick Tips to cut College Costs


You don't need a car. Stay on campus. Every college campus has anything and everything you need to live, survive, and study as a college student.

If you need to get off campus, a couple of bucks will get you public transportation. For a college student, the cost of gas, car insurance, and upkeep of a car is just too much of a college budget buster.

Get the smallest dorm room. You will not be spending a lot of time in it anyway. Your college campus has amenities outside the dorm. Forget the high-priced dorm room.

Watch the cost of college credits. The local junior college can get you a class at a few dollars a unit. Yes, check to see if it it transfers. If you can, do the first two years of college at a community college. The cost savings are huge. If you are at the four year college already, take the maximum units you can for one price.

All colleges have a cut off point for when they charge you more money. If taking 14 units is the same as 18, take 18 units.

Get rid of your expensive electronic devices. Your laptop is probably the only essential one you need. Your college undoubtedly has free wi-fi.

As a college student, you are on a tight budget. Never pay for a new item. Buy used, especially textbooks. Buy clothes that will last. If you need furniture, the local thrift store has many bargains. And garage sales for college shopping is a must.

Pay off your credit card and check your checking balance. College students who run up credit card bills and don't pay in full each month will rack up loads of fees. Being overdrawn on your checking account will mean fees as well.

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