More Tips to cut College Costs

college students studying on campus

You don't need a car. Stay on campus. Every college campus has anything and everything you need to live, survive, and study as a college student.

If you need to get off campus, a couple of bucks will get you public transportation. For a college student, the cost of gas, car insurance, and upkeep of a car is just too much of a college budget buster. Use a bike!

Get the smallest dorm room. You will not be spending a lot of time in it anyway. Your college campus has amenities outside the dorm. Forget the high-priced dorm room.

Watch the cost of college credits. The local junior college can get you a class at a few dollars a unit. Yes, check to see if it it transfers. If you can, do the first two years of college at a community college. The cost savings are huge. If you are at the four year college already, take the maximum units you can for one price.

All colleges have a cut off point for when they charge you more money. If taking 14 units is the same as 18, take 18 units.

Get rid of your expensive electronic devices. Your laptop is probably the only essential one you need. Your college undoubtedly has free wi-fi.

As a college student, you are on a tight budget. Never pay for a new item. Buy used, especially textbooks. Buy clothes that will last. If you need furniture, the local thrift store has many bargains. And garage sales for college shopping is a must.

Pay off your credit card and check your checking balance. College students who run up credit card bills and don't pay in full each month will rack up loads of fees. Being overdrawn on your checking account will mean fees as well.

Don't pay for things you don't need or use. As a young college student, you may think it is cool to have a gym membership, or the latest addons for your cell phone, or all those cable channels.

College students do not have a lot of money to throw around. But many students forget that some of their usual habits can waste a lot of money that could be going for college!

Chances are, as a college student you will rarely use them and certainly don't need them. When planning a college budget, check any and all things you are currently paying for on a monthly basis.

College students who don't have money to burn should rarely buy new. You can buy most everything used from cell phones, computers, video games, clothes, furniture, and don't forget cars! Since everything depreciates in value as soon as it leaves the shelf, college students instantly lose money on every new purchase.

Did you know there are a whole host of things available for free to college students ? (Yes, everybody else as well!) The local library has all the books you can read for free. Many carry videos, DVDs, CDs, and computer software. Check out your college library for more freebies.

Food for college students can be a major expense. But only if you insist on eating out. While in college it is tempting and convenient to eat fast food, but it adds up. Make and pack your lunch and snacks. Food is so much cheaper when bought at a name brand grocery store. If you live in the dorm you have space for a small refrigerator and microwave. Use them!

Many college students have checking accounts. Why not switch that over to an interest checking account? A few dollars adds up.

Brand names for college students seem to the only way to go. But name brands are very expensive compared to generics or store brands. If you want a green shirt, why buy a green shirt with the fancy logo? Buy one cheaper. Food and over the counter medicines can be bought up to 50% less than a brand name. And sometimes they are made by the same manufacturer!

When shopping as a college student, the future and logic are a long way off. Many students buy things they don't need and will probably never use. Avoid buying anything that serves no purpose and will just sit collecting dust.

Break your bad habits when starting college. Smoking and gum chewing are daily expenses you can live without. And probably live better!

Did you know you can get a break on your car insurance if you are a good college student? Check with your insurance agency and see if there is a discount for a good GPA.

Find the free food activities on campus. Many clubs, fraternities, sororities, organizations, have meetings with activities that offer free food for attending.

Free movies and other entertainment is offered almost nightly on college campuses. Check it out.

Don't get a meal plan. You won't like it. But if you do, USE IT!

Buy your textbooks online. The campus bookstore is a rip off.

Work on campus as a dorm supervisor. Free rent!

Check out the office that handles all student activities and services. They will have a lot of freebies, from movies to transportation.

Start a budget. There is no way you can control spending without a budget.

Avoid spring break trips.

Join clubs on campus. This will give you the inside track on freebies. Plus, it will keep you from getting bored. Bored college students spend money.

Hang around other cheap college students. Your friends will get you to either spend or save.

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