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The official college catalog is the best place to get full descriptions of classes. You probably won't find much info on a class when registering online. Also, some classes are only offered during certain terms. This may be detailed in the catalog.

Before going online to register, have several different scenarios for your class schedule. Many classes will be full. Have a backup plan will save you time later.

Watch out for the class final date and time. It's not a perfect world, and some of your classes may have overlapping finals. Keep a close record as you register for each class.

It is better to use word of mouth from your friends rather than rely on many of the online rate my professor sites. Don't pick any professors because of a rating online. Don't worry about class times if the professor you want is at that time. Better to be in a class with your chosen professor, than one that may be at a more convenient time.

You may be required to see an advisor or counselor before registering for any classes. Go over any problems. They are there to help you find and get the classes you need.

Wondering how many units to take? If you rely on financial aid, you will need to take at least 12 quarter units. Most colleges have a maximum they will charge for total units. Taking the maximum will save you money, but freshmen should take it easy. Overloading yourself with classes is not a good idea when you are an inexperienced college student.

Do you know where the classes and buildings are on campus? If you schedule back to back classes, make sure you can walk there in 10 minutes. It could take longer than you think, especially in bad weather.

Some classes can take the place of others. This is true for a lot of general education classes. If Music 101 is the most popular, but Music 105 will fill the requirements, and is open, take it. Many of the popular GE courses fill up fast.

For freshmen college students, you might want to attempt to get all your classes on the same day. Generally, classes meet 2 to 3 times a week. Having free days in between can be very good at lowering your stress level.

The most important tips for registering freshmen is, know what time you can register and register early!

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