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Paying for College

College students need to look at each and every potential college money source. College can be a very expensive endeavor. But getting a college degree has proved to be a good pathway to a better paying career. College graduates are more likely to have a higher income than their non-degree counterparts. Plus, a college degree can make you more employable. No doubt about it, a college degree is worth getting. Paying for it is another thing.

Normally all scholarships, loans, like private education loans, and grants used to pay for college are not taxable. You can get various tax credits for some of the fees and tuition you pay. Also, any student loan interest is also deductible. College students may wish to consult a tax expert.

Financial Aid

The first thing you will be looking at is getting financial aid. This is awarded by the federal government, states, and even your chosen college or university. You have to fill out a FAFSA. Everyone is eligible for some type of financial aid. Do not ever think that you are too poor, or your parents make too much money. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you want to go to college, there are financial aid programs for every need. Read our Financial Aid FAQ.

College Grants

There are many grants available for a wide range of students and interests. Chances are there is a grant waiting for you. You have to apply. You cannot get grants unless you first fill out your FAFSA, so be sure and read the paragraph above. There are numerous state and federal grants. Your high school counselor will know, or you can talk to your financial aid officer at your college. The best thing about grants is that you don't have to pay them back. They are gifts.

College Scholarships

Scholarships are another source of college money. Once again, there are scholarships available to each and every student, no matter what you are studying. And they are gifts. You do not need to pay them back. Don't pay for any scholarship search. All the information you need can be found online or from your high school counselor. They will have information on local scholarships as well. Every college will have some type of merit scholarship. That is, if you maintain a certain GPA, you get a little money for the next term. Anything you can do to make college cheaper is a good thing! Read our article on finding college scholarships.

Make College More Affordable

This website is full of college money articles. They are designed to be easy to read and give you solid tips to get, save, and earn money for college. But it's up to you. If you are determined to go to college, you can find the money. Somehwere. We have articles on every thing from Getting More Financial Aid, to Dozens of Ways to Save Money in College.

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