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After graduating high school, going off to college may seem like a natural transition. No worries. However, there are many things you need to be aware of. Planning for college will ease a student into college life and increase their chances of being a successful college student.

What to pack up and bring to college? Many high school student's rooms look like apartments. TVs, stereos, computers, sofas, chairs, computers, stuffed animals, rugs, pictures, and more. Don't take to college what will not be needed nor will fit. Many students make the mistake of bringing everything! Your dorm room is probably as small as your bedroom. But you will have people living with you.

It will get crowded. The best thing to do is to check with the college. Most colleges have a list of things a new student should and should not bring. You will not be able to protect your valuables as you can at home. Leave your valuables at home. A laptop may be a must. Find one with a lock and keep your laptop safe!

College is a place full of people from all over. College hygiene can be lacking, as well as eating well and getting exercise. You need to get a check up or physical before heading off to college. And then practice habits that will keep you healthy. You don't want to have to leave in the middle of a term and head home sick.

Only you and your parents will know whether you can handle being away from home. Some college students think it will be so fun to be one ones own. Then reality sets in. You can't run home to mommy. Daddy isn't there to help you out. The sanctuary of home is gone. Be sure you are emotionally equipped to handle college.

Have you ever been on your own? Can you act appropriately as an adult in public? Can you handle the little rough situations life can dish out? How do you handle anger? Can you wash your own clothes? Can you get up on time? You need to have a handle on various skills to live a daily life on your own. Learn some basic skills: eating right, budgeting, laundry, ironing, cleaning up, studying, what to do if you get sick, etc.

College students need to stay connected with home. Make frequent phone calls home and email. Keep your parents up to date on what you are doing. This will also make you more responsible.

You and your parents need to agree on rules about things like driving, curfew, drinking, grades, and many classes to take,

Encourage the college student to get involved with clubs and other activities on campus. It is a cheap way to have fun in college and focus on the college experience.

Meet with your guidance counselor often to make sure you are on track with the right classes.

Time management is lacking among college students. They are probably on their own for the first time. Nobody to tell them when to study, go to sleep, eat, and get up in the morning. Learn to manage your time!

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