Deciding to get Student Loans

It is predicted that student loan debt may be the next economic bubble to burst. Too many people going to college have taken out loans, either by necessity, or an easy way to get ready cash while in college. Student loans are not always good debt. Being saddled with a debt load of any amount can derail your career and life paths.

Should you get student loans? The best answer is, no. Student loans will put you thousands of dollars in debt right off the start. Every student should really think hard about getting loans.

However, college is expensive. Exhuasting all avenues of money for college BEFORE you borrow is what you should strive for. And, only borrow enough money to make up the shortfall.

Do not spend any student loan money on any BUT college expenses. Nothing more. That means putting some of your social life on hold. You have the rest of your life after graduating to do fun things and spend money on stuff like movies and clothes.

So, before you even think about taking out a student loan, consider all possibilities of funding your education. There are many free options available, not just including your own bank account, although using your own cash from a job is the best resource. Remember that a student loan MUST be repaid. It won't be forgiven from bankruptcy either. Very hard to get a student loan debt taken off.

Can your future career handle the student loan payments? Don't think that just because you graduate from college that you will jump right into a high paying career. Many college grads find themselves working at minimum wage jobs for a long time. Yet, they still must make student loan payments. Choose your career and degree wisely. You want a degree that will payoff your student loans, and, give you enough money to live the kind of life you wish to lead. Do some hard and practical research on college degrees that pay.

College is a worthwhile endeavor, but not always economically feasible. You must consider this before jumping into college.

If you are an adult, later in life and have lost a job, do not consider going back to school before thinking. Try and find a job first, think about college last. Just "going back to school" is no guarantee of another job, and certainly not a high paying one. If you can't afford to take on more debt, then don't get student loans.

The same thing applies to parents who are funding their child's education. There are many easy student loans for parents to provide for their children's college education. But again, do not take on debt you cannot afford to pay. You will have to pay it back someday. Many parent loans require the person taking out the loan to start paying it back very soon. Just because a parent loan may be easy, think long and hard.

The same holds true if you are co-signing a student loan. This probably refers more now to private loans, as all direct student loans are done by the federal government. If the student you are co-signing for cannot make the future payments, you will be held responsible. It will not be forgiven either in bankruptcy. Don't put your credit and life style at risk until you have done research.

It may sound too easy, but not getting student loans is the best way to go. Many colleges have payment plans, and public colleges are generally cheaper. Start making college cheaper before jumping into any huge student loan debt.

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