Finding Free Money for College


Joining the military is a great way to get free college money. Yes, it takes work and there are risks, but the new GI bill allows some to get full tuition paid!

And joining the military does not always mean combat. There are literally hundreds of jobs that are stateside and in offices. Check out the new GI bill

In some states, they are giving away free money for college to families who start a 529 college savings account.

These states include Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Utah. Many of these states only give it to low income college students. Some other states offer grants as well. Contact your state to find out if they give out college money.

Contact the company that employs your parents. Many companies and businesses have grants and scholarships for member's children to attend college.

Do your parents use credit cards? Do they like the cashback bonuses? Some credit cards will put this cash in a college fund. Have your parents research credit companies that offer this free cash for college.

Do you or your parents shop online? Some websites and stores offer cash bonuses that go into a college saving account for shopping at their website or business.

When you graduate high school or have a birthday, ask for cash instead of gifts. Promise that it will go directly to helping you pay for college.

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